Monday, 27 August 2012

Aug 24th Update & New Trends

New Uptrends - Buys:
Eldorado Gold Corp.
 at $13.01
Kinross Gold Corp.
 at $8.93
These partially result from the uptrend of Gold (Electronic)started on August 10th.

Last Friday Best Buy Co Inc. again did trigger a Buy signal and as expected with all the current negative news, the stock took a plunge and has resulted in a Sell Stop set at $17.31 for this Friday; we'll see how it behaves this week.
Avon Products Inc.
 hasn't been strong enough to reverse the downtrend it started almost 4 months ago and remains in a short position.
Sprint Nextel Corp.
 the star of the group fell back below $5 but remains strong as a long position.
Chesapeake Energy Corp.
 is now well above its Sell Stop price of $17.20 so the Long position and uptrend remain valid.
 has dropped approximately 6% from its buy price and has triggered a Sell Stop at $190.44.
All other uptrend positions are still good and most of them are now showing positive returns; those positions are:
Suncor Energy Inc,.
, Oil Crude (Sweet), Sun Life Financial Corp.The Bank of Nova Scotia, Manulife Financial Corp., Cheung Kong (Holdings) Ltd, The Wharf (Holdings) Ltd,
Bank of China
 and Bank of East Asia.
Update on previous positions

  Buy Sell ShortBuy to Cover24-AugGain/Loss
USDate Date Date Date   
Avon Products, Inc.    5/11$20.19  $15.5629.76%
Sprint Nextel Corp.5/25$2.62      $4.8986.64%
Chesapeake Energy Corp.7/6$20.04      $19.39-3.24%
CNOOC Limited (ADR) 7/20$202.75      $190.44-6.07%
Suncor Energy Inc. 7/20$30.07      $31.745.55%
Oil Crude (Sweet)8/10$92.87      $96.153.53%
Best Buy Co Inc.8/17$20.27      $17.31-14.60%
Eldorado Gold Corp8/24$13.01      $13.010.00%
Sun Life financial Inc.8/17$22.98      $23.140.70%
Bank of Nova Scotia8/17$53.28      $52.46-1.54%
Manulife Financial Corp.8/17$11.34      $10.96-3.35%
Kinross Gold Corp8/24$8.93      $8.930.00%
Hong Kong          
Wharf Holdings Ltd (4:HK)7/6HKD 45.25      HKD 49.258.84%
Cheung Kong (Holdings) LTD (1:HK)7/20HKD 102.00      HKD 106.304.22%
Bank of China (3988-HK)8/10HKD 2.99      HKD 2.95-1.34%
Bank of East Asia8/10HKD 28.65      HKD 28.45-0.72%

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